As your Owner's Representative

PEGASUS GROUP assists owners in the performance of their obligations as a member of the project team, and oversight of the owner's rights during the planning, design, and construction of the project. We assist the owner with the selection process of the project delivery method, design team and constructor, and administer their contracts throughout the life of the project. PEGASUS GROUP works closely with the owner and the project team to ensure that a safe environment exists for all and to minimize construction-related disruptions during construction of the project.

We’ve managed nearly $2 billion worth of capital projects

As a result, PEGASUS GROUP is uniquely qualified to:

  • Help you define clear, concise goals for your project, “BUILDING SUCCESS” on your terms
  • Keep the entire project team focused on your goals, ensuring that architects, engineers, and contractors give you the widest range of options
  • Act as your advocate throughout the life of the project, completing it on-time and on-budget
  • Provide insight on how your project will affect your operations from both a short-term and long-term perspective
  • Manage the issues related to your project, ensuring that key players are involved and informed throughout the entire process


Pre-Design and Pre-Construction Services

Conceptual Planning and Feasibility Assessment

PEGASUS GROUP assists owners in defining the parameters of the project through a pre-design process that involves all associated with the project from the owner’s team to clearly define the scope prior to the engagement of the design team. This process provides the owner greater certainty that the scope of the project is understood internally and defined sufficiently for the design team to commence their work effectively. We will also develop a preliminary overall Master Project Schedule.

Design Management Services

During design we coordinate the design team’s efforts as they verify the program with the various stakeholders of the owner and work with other owner consultants. We review the project schematic design, design development and construction documents, and related cost estimates prepared by the design team for program compliance, conformance with appropriate design and construction standards, budget agreement, etc. Throughout the project we evaluate the plans and specifications to identify and recommend opportunities for value engineering. We also update the Master Project Schedule coordinating major elements of design and construction.



Construction Management Services include:

  • Provide a project budget control and tracking system that tracks all project-related expenses against the established budgets. Establish and maintain orderly records containing correspondence, meeting minutes, receipted bills, contracts, schedules, budgets, etc.
  • Coordinate construction mobilization, staging, and other construction events with the campus’ schedules and activities to minimize disruptions and ensure safe conditions to the greatest extent possible for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • Hiring inspections and testing consultant(s) as necessary to assure conformance with the contract documents. Ensure throughout the project that required construction inspection and testing is performed in accordance with the specification standards and as scheduled.
  • Attend weekly construction progress meetings to represent the owner. At these meetings we will focus not only on construction issues that need to be addressed and the construction contractors schedule; but also safety both on the job and for the campus in general; quality assurance, planned utility shutdowns, special campus activities/events, etc.
  • Review the contractor's construction schedule and on a weekly basis monitor the contractors’ progress, performance, and the quality of construction.
  • Review all applications for payment from the general contractor and other professional service providers. Review change order requests and provide a recommendation to the owner.
  • Coordinate the commissioning of HVAC and other systems. Observe systems start-up and functionality tests. Coordinate acceptance with the A/E.
  • Coordinate owner’s furniture and equipment procurement, delivery, and installation with the campus representatives and vendors.
  • Coordinate owner’s telecommunication systems cabling and equipment procurement, delivery, and installation with the representative campus IT staff assigned to the project and vendors.
  • Coordinate other project related work to be performed by the owner and/or other vendors. Assist with occupancy and movement of programs into the new space.



Project Closeout Services

PEGASUS GROUP participates in project inspection(s) for substantial completion and warranty inspections. We will ensure that the general contractor obtains the Certificate of Occupancy from the officials having jurisdiction prior to the A/E issuing the Certificate of Substantial Completion. We also assist with the transfer of building operation to owner, including the coordination and documention of training of the operations personnel for building systems and equipment installed as part of the project. Finally, PEGASUS GROUP participates in review of the Project Punch List, coordinates and documents receipt of warranties, operations manuals, and “as-built” documents; participates in project inspection for final completion; and assists the owner with warranty follow-up issues arising after the final completion for the period of time desired.